About Christie

Christie Mokotupu is a Christian, single mother, former Australian Volleyball Olympian and qualified Commercial Helicopter Pilot. She dedicates her time now working as a Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Advocate through the organisation, and company she founded.

In 2015 she shared her private battle with depression, drugs and alcohol addiction with the Sydney Morning Herald to raise money for One80tc.org.

In 2016 she founded Candifest Ministry, Candifest Enterprises Pty Ltd and The Wander Organisation – her trinity vision that blends her love of ministry, business and philanthropy together.

She has been featured on media outlets including, SMH, Wesley Impact TV, Wesley Mission, Channel 7’s Today Tonight and Nine Honey as a Pain Pod (drug free pain relief) Ambassador.

She is currently completing a double degree in Law and Theology while managing and directing her company and organisation. Her greatest passion is advocating on behalf of children and those most vulnerable.

Christie is a member of the One Nation Party in NSW and has a keen interest in Australian and American politics.