About Elaine

Elaine Potts is an Ordained Minister, she has been in Ministry and Pastored alongside her husband in ACC churches in three different States for over 32 years, ministering to women of all generations. Elaine’s passion is to lead and live by example, to love God’s Church and her Community which involved fostering 14 children for respite and emergency care over a period of 3 years. Now in her mid-fifties she is studying a Master’s Degree in Leadership at Alphacrucis College where she also works.
Her favourite scripture and prayer for all women is Proverbs 31:25…
She is clothed with strength and dignity and smiles at her future.
For women to know: She is clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus’ forgiveness. That she is strengthened by His Holy Spirit. That she walks each day in the dignity graced to her which is outworked in her God given calling, all while she is smiling at her future. A future lavished with hope and joy found in the privilege of loving Father God, His precious people and seeing them living their best life.

Elaine is bless with three adult kids