About Star

Star is passionate about inspiring and building the future of healthcare particularily building strong leadership to show the world that young people can be inspiring, innovative and leaders in their own field.

Star is the host of the Millennial Nurse podcast. A podcast dedicated to healthcare professionals to help find their passion, their purpose and prevent burnout.
Star was born to immigrant parents who fled their war torn home of Vietnam in hope of finding a better future for Star. Star was born in the refugee camp in Malaysia and came to Australia when she was 3 years old.

Star has been a registered nurse for almost a decade and has travelled around the world as a result. Star is currently working as a director of nursing whilst undertaking an executive MBA degree. Star is also a coach and mentor helping young women of all walks of life to gain clarity and confidence in creating a life that brings them true purpose and meaning.
Star knows the importance of leading with passion and purpose. This has been an integral part of her success. Star is a firm believer of a purpose led workforce and envision the next generation of young leaders to being able to see and understand how their contributions are making a positive impact on the world.